Webinar: New Features and Enhancements for Process Automation and Design Exploration in Isight 5.7

On May 31, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
United States

Register for this free one-hour live presentation and demo to learn about what's new in Isight 5.7. Time: 11am EDT (New York).


In the race to get new and innovative products to market faster, manufacturers face many challenges, including globalization, cost reductions, and shorter development cycles. In addition, products must also meet safety, dependability, environmental and maintenance objectives.

Register for this webinar to learn why best-in-class companies are turning to Isight to improve efficiency, reduce manual errors, and accelerate the evaluation of product design alternatives.

What will be covered?

Isight 5.7 delivers powerful new tools for process automation and design exploration, including a new self-organizing map to identify solutions with a high probability of success by clustering datasets. This and numerous other enhancements will help you to evaluate product performance across a range of real-world operating variables with practical turnaround times and costs.

Who should attend?

We encourage engineers and managers interested in reducing time-to-market and costs, while improving product performance, quality, and reliability to attend this webinar.


Highlights of this webinar will include:

Process Automation

  • Token-based licensing
  • Isight Distributed Execution Engine
  • Component enhancements
  • Pack-n-go utility

Design Exploration

  • Dependent variable sampling
  • Sobol-sampling Monte Carlo Plug-in
  • Self-organizing map
  • Chart automation