Webinar Enterprise Innovation Management: Best practices in the Insurance Industry

On July 18, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
Webex, Wednesday July 18th, 11am EST / 5pm CET

This web seminar will open a world of possibilities for successful products, services and processes innovation. Covering process from insights and ideation, product conceptualization to implementation, measuring performance, assessing risk, and sales rollout, this web seminar will provide you with ideas and strategies to revolutionize your business.

Five reasons to attend this web seminar:

1.    Identify how Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) works, with business cases to demonstrate.

2.    Learn what steps Innovation & Product Management teams are taking to improve collaboration, drive performance, and reduce time to market while reducing costs.

3.    Identify what improvements you can make in your own Collaboration and Product Development strategy to secure Intellectual Property, ensure regulatory compliance and capture customer feedback.

4.    Q&A with the speakers and peers on how successful Enterprise Innovation Management contributes not only to the bottom line, but to the top line.

5.    FREE Workshop – attendees can claim 1 free day of Enterprise Innovation Management consultancy with our industry experts to show you where improvements will deliver value to your business.



Doug MEADS, Global Relationship Executive, Financial & Business Services, Dassault Syst