Webinar "Design, Source, Produce and Service fast Anywhere"

From 00:00 December 05, 2012 to 00:00 December 06, 2012

Being an efficient industrial equipment actor today in a very competitive market requires the ability to define and produce customized products in record speed across several locations. And to seamlessly service installed equipment at any customer place on the globe.

From all engineering disciplines to sourcing to production to service, from west to east, across all your product divisions, our Single Source of Speed 3DEXPERIENCE liberates and accelerates your product development, order fulfillment and services activities in any of your locations for any combination of your product range in a sustainable way. And therefore paves the way for a quick industrial integration of newly acquired companies.

Your enterprise strategic initiatives are at last truly made possible. Single Source of Speed 3DEXPERIENCE, your unique product backbone.

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Wednesday December 5th at 10,00 CET, English language, click here to register.

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