Simulation of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) with SIMULIA CST Studio Suite

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In this eSeminar, we will explore what an EMP is and how it can be modeled in SIMULIA CST Studio Suite to study the effects of an EMP event.

Electromagnetic pulse (or EMP) is a short burst of very high, radiated electromagnetic energy and it has the potential to disrupt or destroy high-tech infrastructure and vehicular systems.

EMP has been a hot topic in recent months due to an executive order on EMP by the President of the United States in March, 2019.  EMP attacks can have a catastrophic effect on our national security and daily lives, hence the protection against it is important.

If you are an infrastructure engineer interested in the effect of an EMP attack on our communication network, or if you are in the defense sector interested in how we can protect against an EMP attack, this eSeminar will provide relevant information on the topic of EMP and the measures that can be taken to protect against a potential EMP attack.

eSeminar Highlights:
• Recent developments on the topic of EMP
• Threat of EMP to our national security
• How EMP can impact our daily lives
• How we can design protections against EMP

Who should attend?
Engineers working on the defense industry;
Infrastructure engineers;
Anybody interested in the potential effect of an EMP

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About the presenter

Yushi Tan | SIMULIA Solution Consultant

Yushi is a solution consultant at DASSAULT SYSTÈMES SIMULIA supporting customers with Microwave/RF and EMC with focus on government solutions. He completed his B.S. and M.S. degree in electrical engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2015.