Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) Webinar

On March 14, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
Webinar online Germany

Attend this webinar Tuesday, March 14 at 3PM. Learn how SIMULIA SLM can help you achieve a competitive advantage and maximize investments in simulation technology, product development by capturing, managing and securing their valuable simulation intellectual property.

Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM)

The rapidly increasing amount of simulation data and more and more complex simulation processes require software technology to manage those data, maintain the knowledge and provide it to the user for an unlimited time. This traceability causes preservation of content and recyclability of processes – ultimately knowledge management in the simulation. That's what we want to achieve with SIMULIA Simulation Lifecycle Management.

The webinar will offer participants the opportunity to experience structured data and process management. It is shown how simulation data are entered and simulation processes are made graphically traceable. The engineer will get a feeling of how SLM simplifies the daily work and how quickly the technology can be introduced.


Please note that this webinar will be held in German

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