Seamless Data Workflow between DELTAGEN to CATIA V5 and ICEM Surf

On Demand

See in this 5 minutes webinar, how the seamless workflow between ICEM Surf or CATIA V5 and DELTAGEN, with its direct interface combines the CATIA world of ideation, shape design, modelling and high precision surfacing, with DELTAGEN’s high quality and interactive rendering helps you take accurate design decisions.

The video shows how easily data can be transferred between ICEM Surf and DELTAGEN. To create an alternative hood design, a default hood design can be loaded into ICEM Surf and link the session to DELTAGEN. Following that, users can modify the hood design and save it. Thanks to the feature “Live-update”, DELTAGEN recognizes the changes in ICEM Surf and shows them immediately. The “Auto-Paint” function makes user interaction for re-assigning materials unnecessary. After an initial setup, the system will automatically re-apply materials after a part update. The user can directly switch to Global Illumination inside DELTAGEN to validate the new design.
The workflow is then reproduced with CATIA V5, illustrating the same features. Instead of using a hood, it’s done with a geometry change on the door.

See a detailed making-of: Creating a reasonable light setup, a material library and setting the default Render Engine the user wants to work with. The function “Auto-Paint” requires a naming association for materials. Therefore, the user creates a material library in DELTAGEN with the exact same material names as in ICEM Surf and sets its color properties to his wishes.
In the following, the new feature “Converter Presets” is explained. The user can set up a preset for the import process. The presets apply settings like how to structure the geometry, what will be done with NURBS and also special ICEM properties. Furthermore, new features are supporting symmetry and the ability to import the existing ICEM List directly as variants. The converter also includes the Material Library which then will be used to replace the materials automatically. In the Preference dialog of DELTAGEN the user can select which preset should be used for the import.