Reqtify - Requirment Traceability & Impact Analysis (Auto)

On May 09, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
Online India

Reqtify is an interactive requirement traceability and impact analysis tool which can trace requirement from system, program and project levels to the entire levels of your hardware and software component development lifecycle. Reqtify can interface to requirement related information in a wide variety of data formats, document types and file formats.

It comes with interfaces with DOORS, Requisitepro, Borland CaliberRM, MS Office Docs, Adobe Framemaker, UML Design Tools such as ARTiSAN Studio, CAD Tools such as Simulink, Code Files such as C, C++, Java as well as information in standard text format, Html, XML or RIF.

With Reqtify there is no change in the existing process that users have to undergo. Users can continue to work with their familiar environment. Rectify will only gather the information after they have been created in the original tool.

Reqtify complies with the most demanding quality standards: CMMI, IEC61508, SPICE, EN5012X, DO178B/DO254 etc. Reqtify products are used by leading companies such as Ford, Renault, PSA, Valeo, Autoliv, Infineon, Liebherr, EDF etc.