Plant Functional Behaviour Modeling and Simulation e-Semiar

On April 10, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
Bangalore India

Most of the time, for Control Automation & System Functional Definition, the approaches are paper oriented and all the players on the Project spend lot of time on requirements understanding and specification review. The test and verification process is too expensive and costs more than 50% of the project budget.

Functional Behaviour Modelling & Simulation of the Plant/Equipment is very important given the complexity of systems and integration of the same. It is very costly & time consuming affair to validate these aspects in site tests or Physical world.

Cost & Performance Optimization is another topic that is very important for Energy Industry. Multiple iterations to arrive at right configuration of equipments and process parameters are very much required and these can’t be done in real world environment. 

DS provides the virtual platform, Dymola, to validate the functional behaviour based on equation based object oriented modelling. Dymola is multi-physics domain modelling based on mathematical equations. It can handle mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, thermodynamics, controls etc., in combination and facilitate simulation of complex systems. Dymola comes with extensive library for Energy Industry ( Multi-Body, Thermo Dynamics, Hydraulics, Heat Exchanger, Air Conditioning etc.,) with which one can build the Model quickly and easily.

Control Build Application from DS allows designers to validate Control Automation as early as possible, each of the many steps of design process and significantly reduces integration and qualification time and cost. Control Build provides a comprehensive tool suite for design of control system and its validation in closed loop with a model of the controlled part of a Plant. This can also be used for Virtual operator training where in Operators can get conversant with Control System behaviour and are prepared for emergency situation as well.

Today companies such as Alstom, Areva, EDF have been benefiting from this approach with DS solution.