One Part Automotive Webinar

Boost Profits - Stop Creating Duplicate Parts

It's no secret that reusing existing part models can:

  • Lead to savings of $5K to $20K per part
  • Improve engineering capacity by 20-100 hours per part
  • Decrease risk and increase quality

Sadly, engineers often redesign new parts instead of reusing existing ones because they are so hard to find:

  • Information is found in multiple formats in hard-to-reach silos (PLM, PDM, file systems...)
  • Current PLM & ERP required resources are not built for collaboration and reuse

This FREE webinar describes how disruptive technology from the Web, integrated into the Smart, Safe & Connected solution for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, can help your systems engineers find the parts they need through a combination of 3D search, keyword search, and metadata search in a single consolidated environment.

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