Multiphysics PCB Simulation

On Demand

Learn how a holistic simulation approach can allow Print Circuit Board (PCB) designers to identify potential issues early, conduct virtual testing and ensure the PCB’s functionality.

Print Circuit Boards (PCBs) are at the heart of most modern electronics. However, ever increasing demands for more versatile functions, higher speeds and smaller footprints pose significant challenges to the design of the PCB. Moreover, placing a well-designed PCB in an actual operating environment could still lead to unexpected electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal issues, which requires costly redesign or retrofitting.

With this eSeminar, learn about:

  • A holistic simulation approach that analyzes signal and power integrity (SI/PI), EMC and thermal aspects of PCB design.
  • How this allows designers to identify potential issues early in the design stage, optimize the design, virtually test various operational environments and ensure the PCB’s functionality and reliability.

About the presenters
David Johns
Weiran Xu

David Johns oversees the SIMULIA electromagnetics team in North America. Johns holds a PhD in electrical engineering, specializing in electromagnetic simulation. Johns has extensive experience in applying electromagnetic simulation to a wide range of industry applications, especially for aerospace electromagnetic environmental effects and compatibility (EMC).

Weiran Xu is a technical sales director and leads low frequency and multiphysics team at SIMULIA. Xu is passionate about electromagnetics simulation, electronics thermal design and fluid analysis.