Modeling Plastics and Polymers: Tips, Tools and Techniques

On Demand

This eSeminar will help users learn extra tools that they can use to assess polymers & plastics material models. It would showcase new material models in Abaqus that might better capture the physics important to a component and its loading environment.
Topics include:

  1. The typical stress-strain behaviors of common polymers and plastics such as polypropylene, nylon, teflon and PVC. Additionally we would also show a variety of ways that one might choose to model this behavior in Abaqus.
  2. The common tests like tensile pull tests, load-unload, stress relaxation testing, and cyclic stress-strain curves and calibration done on
  3. A variety of constitutive modeling techniques starting with fairly simple hyperelastic or elastic-plastic material models and progressing to material models that can capture all the relevant elastic, plastic and viscous (viscoelastic and viscoplastic) behavior.