Lunch and Learn with fe-safe

On June 09, 2015 12:30 (GMT0)

This lunch & learn session will help new fe-safe users complete their first analysis. It will walk you through the features of the fe-safe GUI and follow an analysis through from importing the FEA model, choosing an appropriate material and applying loads to exporting and viewing the fatigue results back in the FEA.

Attend this eSeminar to learn about the different capabilities of fe-safe, including:

  • How fe-safe can be used by non-experts as well as experts of fatigue theory
  • How to answer the question, “So, I opened fe-safe, now what?”
  • Where fe-safe fits into the design cycle workflow


Pawel Sobczak Senior Technical Specialist, SIMULIA Growth
Pawel Sobczak is Manager of Technical Applications at SIMULIA and is responsible for product support, customer services and fe-safe training for customers worldwide. He completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham Trent University, UK, in 2003. Previous roles include post-graduate investigative research in biomechanics of spinal implants and the development and support of commercial software. Pawel has extensive knowledge of fe-safe and its practical application. He is experienced in using ANSYS and Abaqus for static nonlinear stress and strain simulations, using both interactive GUI and scripting.

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