Improve Your NPV with Advanced Simultaneous Optimization

On Demand

In this webinar, we will outline how Advanced Simultaneous Optimization (Advanced SIMO) - a GEOVIA Whittle module - can be used to produce a better strategic schedule and extract greater value from the project.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Simultaneously optimize the most critical components of the schedule: mining sequence, stockpiling strategy, and processing cut-off grade.
  • Ability for Advanced SIMO to optimize complex projects for dramatic improvements in NPV, particularly with multiple pits and processing options.
  • CAPEX optimization inside of Advanced SIMO determines optimal project scale, eliminating time spent trying different CAPEX scenarios.
  • Discussion on the benefits of Robust Strategic Mine Planning, using SIMULIA’s simulation tool Isight in conjunction with Whittle to further optimize and reduce risk of project using rapid, multi-scenario analysis.

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