Free Snack & Learn Webinar: How do I decide when to use VCCT or Cohesive Technology?

On February 16, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
Live Webinar, Noon PT

Attend this one hour webinar, How do I decide when to use VCCT or Cohesive Technology?, being held February 16 at Noon Pacific Time.


VCCT and cohesive behavior are very similar in their application and formulation. Although their capabilities are complementary, both are needed to satisfy general fracture requirements. This lunch and learn will address the question of when to use each technique. The presentation will cover:

  • A brief background of each technology.
  • The requirements for implementing these in to your analysis model.
  • A comparison of both technologies.

Demonstrations will be provided to reinforce the presentation slides.

About the Presenter

Prior to joining SIMULIA's western regional office in September 2008, Doug Dominick worked in the aerospace, medical device, power generation, and consumer products industries as a mechanical engineer for the past 20 years and has gained over 15 years of experience using FEA. Doug also started and successfully ran an engineering consulting company for 10 years. Now a Senior Engineer at SIMULIA, he conducts training, mentoring, consulting and customer support. Additionally he supports pre- and post-sales efforts in Southern California, where his office is located. Doug received a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on finite element methods and polymer engineering.


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