FREE one-day e-Seminar: An Introduction to Fatigue Theory, Fatigue Methods and fe-safe

On June 14, 2016 8:30 (GMT-8)

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This one day seminar covers the problems that can now be solved using durability analysis software for FEA models and explains how to develop a design process for durability. The content focuses on fatigue theory and does not cover the application of fe-safe or a demonstration of the software.

  • Overview of modern metal fatigue methods
  • Introduction to fatigue – S-N and strain-life
  • Strain-based fatigue
  • The theory of critical distances
  • Multiaxial fatigue – how to do it how not to do it
  • Vibration fatigue – Random Vibration Fatigue from PSDs
  • Fatigue testing – are all fatigue tests wrong?
  • Fatigue of welded joints
  • Overview of fatigue of elastomers

fe-safe is a technically advanced fatigue analysis software for FEA models.  fe-safe incorporates the most sophisticated fatigue analysis technology available in commercial software. As a result, fe-safe is changing the way design engineers perceive fatigue analysis software tools. John Draper will provide a technology update on modern methods of metal fatigue.

Who should attend: Design and Test Engineers responsible for product durability in the ground vehicle, aerospace and manufacturing industries interested in durability analysis. No previous knowledge of fatigue is necessary.