Essential User Subroutines for Abaqus

This eSeminar will be held live on March 26th & on 1st April, at three unique times to make it possible for you to attend at a time convenient to you. Register for the time that best suits your schedule.

The user subroutines in Abaqus allow the program to be customized for particular applications. This eSeminar gives an overview of User Subroutines in Abaqus, with an emphasis on common, accessible examples. Register now, to learn how subroutines can enable fidelity and increase modeling accuracy of your physical systems. Additionally, attendees will gain insight into the breadth of applications addressable through user subroutines, and simple examples to demonstrate the flexibility available through the interfaces. Following topics would be covered as a part of the eSeminar:

  • Common problems for which subroutines provide a straightforward solution.
  • Examples that illustrates the simplicity of several routines, and thus lower the perceived barrier to getting started.
  • The extensive control that is available to the user through subroutines, when demanded.





Broadcast Date:

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Register for AP broadcast

April 1st 2015

10:30 am IST (India) 
1:00 pm SGT (Singapore) 
1:00 pm AWST (Perth)
4:00 pm AEDT (Sydney)

Rajas Majumdar
Technical Specialist -

Register for EMEA broadcast

March 26th 2015

9:00 am EDT (New York)
2:00 pm BST (London)
3:00 pm CEST (Paris, Berlin)

Josehp Haemer, P.E., Ph.D., 
Senior Technical Specialist-

Register for NAM broadcast

March 26th 2015

12:00 pm PDT (San Francisco)
1:00 pm MDT (Denver)
2:00 pm CDT (Chicago)
3:00pm EDT (New York)

Josehp Haemer, P.E., Ph.D., 
Senior Technical Specialist-

Instructor for Broadcast 1

Rajas Majumdar
Technical Specialist - SIMULIA India
Rajas have five years’ experience in the simulation domain in the fields of solid and structural mechanics. In his current role, he regularly interacts with customers providing them support on SIMULIA products. In addition to this he is also involved in conducting trainings and executing benchmarks. His focus areas are User Subroutine, Process Automation, Nonlinear Structural Analysis and Optimization. Rajas have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Deakin University, Australia, and a Bachelor’s degree from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Instructor for Broadcast 2 and 3

Joseph Haemer, P.E., Ph.D.,
Senior Technical Specialist - SIMULIA West
Prior to joining SIMULIA's western regional office in 2008, Dr. Joseph Haemer worked as a researcher and mechanical engineer for 12 years in the microelectronics, MEMS, biomechanics, and consumer products industries, applying FEA to a range of applications. Now a senior technical specialist at SIMULIA, he performs consulting and mentoring services, conducts training seminars and provides customer support. Additionally he supports pre- and post-sales efforts in Northern California. Dr. Haemer received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, studying finite element methods and biomechanics.

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