eSeminar SIMULIA - Modeling extreme deformations with Abaqus

On June 12, 2013 12:00 (GMT0)

This eSeminar shows alternatives for extreme deformations using Abaqus. It includes CEL, SPH and Abaqus/CFD.

Modelling extreme deformations with Abaqus

The conventional Lagrangian modeling procedure in which the mesh is fixed to the topology reaches its limit at very large deformations. In Abaqus therefore alternative modeling options are available:

CEL (Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian) combines the pure Euler method (the material flows through an FE mesh) with the Lagrange formulation. This allows the coupling between high-deformable materials and comparatively rigid solids and thus the simulation of sloshing liquids in containers, for example.

SPH (Smooth particle hydrodynamics) is a mesh free Lagrange method, in particular suitable for high-dynamic (also destructive) processes, such as the impact of an object with an obstacle at high speed.

The eSeminar explains the possibilities and approach of these two methods and shows their boundaries compared with the pure flow simulation with Abaqus/CFD.

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