eSeminar SIMULIA 2014 - Update Abaqus 6.14

On September 10, 2014 3:00 (GMT+1)

Update-eSeminar Abaqus Release 6.14

The new Abaqus release 6.14 will shortly arrive. It offers a wider range of functionality and improves the modeling process regarding to finite elements.
Listen to the eSeminar and you will be informed about very interesting and important features regarding the Abaqus topics XFEM, linear dynamics, contact, materials, coupled Euler-Lagrange method or the particle methods SPH and DEM and much more. The new release will improve the usabilty at your company in future.

Join our update eSeminar on the 10th of September and you will be convinced that the Abaqus 6.14 is a strong release.

The eSeminar will be taught in German language. The participation is free of charge.

For registration please use the German web page of this eSeminar!