eSeminar SIMULIA 2014 - Meshing Strategies in Abaqus/CAE

From 15:00 May 14, 2014 to 22:00 September 02, 2014

Meshing Strategies in Abaqus/CAE

Real-world engineering commonly involves the analysis and the design of complicated geometry.

These types of analysis depend critically on having a modeling tool with a robust geometry import capability in conjunction with advanced, easy-to-use mesh generation algorithms. For finite element method the quality of the results often strongly depends on the mesh. This eSeminar provides an in-depth look at several advanced Abaqus/CAE meshing capabilities. Besides meshing the partitioning of complicated geometry and the use of virtual topology to ease the meshing of complicated geometry in the presence of small geometric features are included. Abaqus/CAE also offers a method to work with imported "orphan meshes". These imported geometry independent meshes can be manipulated manually. Several examples will be shown. Abaqus/CAE also provides features which address adaptive remeshing for solution accuracy. Abaqus/CAE and Abaqus/Standard work together to adaptively remesh models in response to user-specified criteria. These criteria include error indicator and mesh-size targets. This method will be presented with several examples.

The eSeminar will be taught in German language. The participation is free of charge.

For registration please use the German web page of this eSeminar!