eSeminar SIMULIA 2014 - Co-Simulation with DYMOLA

From 15:00 January 15, 2014 to 23:00 February 05, 2014

Coupled physical-logical Analyses with Abaqus and Dymola

Modeling abstractions through simulation can be classified into two categories which are the physical modeling and the logical modeling. Many simulation tasks can be executed in only one of the domains but sometimes it might be necessary to have both modeling abstractions integrated in one simulation. An example would be the simulation of an anti-lock brake system (ABS). Creating refined models of the brake, wheel, and control components with a single analysis tool is difficult, if not impossible. To solve such problems the strategy of co-simulation using Abaqus (physical modeling) and Dymola (logical modeling) can be adopted.

In addition to running simulations in standalone it gets more and more important to have simulation processes integrated into optimization loops to improve the efficiency and performance of the different parts. In this context SIMULIA offers the product Isight which is a tool for process automation and parametric optimization and provides the opportunity to incorporate the co-simulation between Abaqus and Dymola.

So the first part of the presentation will be about the co-simulation between Abaqus and Dymola itself. Afterwards the usage of the co-simulation in an optimization loop will be shown.

The eSeminar will be held in German language. The participation is free of charge.

For registration please use the German web page of this eSeminar!