eSeminar SIMULIA 2013 - fe-safe

On November 13, 2013 3:00 (GMT+1)

New features for fatigue analysis with SIMULIA (fe-safe)

As a new member of the SIMULIA product portfolio fe-safe technology provides professional software solutions for life prediction. This software includes sophisticated algorithms for fatigue analyses in the classical environment of metal materials. Further methods for composites, rubber components as well as solutions for high temperature applications and for welding lines and spot welds are available.

Of particular interest is a fatigue analysis in conjunction with optimization methods. The SIMULIA product portfolio offers with its optimization tools Tosca (for shape and topology optimization) and Isight (for parameter identification and optimization) and of course Abaqus for the actual FEM calculation all necessary ingredients.

The objective of this eSeminar is to introduce fe-safe as well as the topic of optimization in conjunction with fatigue analyses. Using both techniques together can significantly increase the value of the simulation.

The eSeminar will be held in German language. The participation is free of charge.

For registration please use the German web page of this eSeminar!