“Ensuring Market Access via Environment Compliance” webinar (includes AB Sciex case study)

On Demand Webinar

Balancing high quality with achieving global regulatory compliance are a constant challenge for medical device manufacturers.  The consequences of focusing on just one versus the other causes various problems including:  cost overruns, strained customer relations and market entry delays which leads to loss of market share.   The ENOVIA Materials Compliance solution helps companies manage these competing requirements in a single, collaborative environment that helps connect multiple processes and information from quality, regulatory, engineering and the supply chain.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The “Data Management Challenge” of determining and ensuring complete regulatory compliance of your products;
  • The business process and data flow enabled by the ENOVIA Material Compliance solution;
  • A unique approach from AB Sciex, a leading medical device manufacturer, who was able to better manage their compliance business risk after implementing the ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central™ solution as part of their overall PLM strategy.

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