Embracing Digitization: Why Digital Innovation Has Become an Imperative for Asset and Wealth Managers

On Demand Webinar

Technology is permeating most activities in the asset and wealth management value chain. This webinar focuses on the need for, and reality of, digital innovations across these industries and the varying levels of adoption. Speakers assess the performance of new technologies tackling common challenges such as: governance and visibility, product development and management, process templates and traceability, and regulatory burden and compliance. The experiences, challenges, and benefits registered by early adopters are also reported.  


Featured speakers:

  • Anurag Wakhlu, Financial and Business Services Business Experience, Consulting Director at Dassault Systemes
  • Prof. Amin Rajan, Founder & CEO of CREATE–Research
  • Jamie Broderick, CEO UK and Jersey of UBS Wealth Management
  • Massimo Tosato, Chief Executive and Shareholder at Quaestio Holding S.A.

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