e-Seminar SIMULIA: XFlow - a new computational Method for Fluid Dynamics


XFlow - a new computational Method for Fluid Dynamics

In order to furtherly improve geometries faced to fluid flow, a deep and detailed insight into the flow behavior is required. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) tools provide this insight and as a result allow virtual prototyping. For basic geometries with simple flow physics, the simulation setup and run can done quite efficiently today. However, for complex designs including multiple moving parts and complex flow physics that is not true anymore for common CFD solvers. Here, an enormous effort in time is usually required for the CFD model setup – especially for the mesh generation process and the handling of moving parts.

XFlow is a next generation CFD software system that uses a proprietary state-of-the-art Lattice Boltzmann technology, and is specifically designed for users who require accurate feedback on flow simulation, transient aerodynamics, water management and fluid-structure interaction. This CFD approach simplifies the workflow, minimizes the presence of algorithmic parameters and avoids the traditionally time consuming meshing process. XFlow is able to solve a wide range of problems involving internal and external flows involving complex geometries.

Learn more about XFlow during this eSeminar!

The objective of the eSeminar is to convey the idea of Lattice-Boltzmann approaches and describe how it is implemented in XFlow. After that, we will discuss the spatial discretization of the flow domain and the supported flow physics. This will include an explanation of the used LES approach for predicting turbulence effects. Case studies will reveal the usage of XFlow in different industries.

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