e-Seminar SIMULIA - Optimized Cooling Channels for Efficient Turbine Blades

On May 16, 2017 11:00 (GMT0)

The significant efficiency gains of aircraft propulsion have been realized by higher turbine inlet temperatures. This was made possible by the continuous development of the high-pressure turbine blades with respect to material and cooling. Convection is the major cooling method. A significant increase in cooling efficiency is required for future turbines.

This can be realized for example by:

- Create individual channel geometries taking into account the local flow behavior

- Result:

O Cooling channels with minimized pressure loss

O eliminated recirculations to avoid hotspots and high temperature gradients

The workflow presented within the live webinar demonstrates how the Tosca Fluid topology optimization generates efficient cooling channel shapes for a turbine rotor blade. A subsequent CHT analysis documents the thermal behavior of the turbine blade with optimized cooling channel. By using Abaqus, the influence on the structural behavior is verified.

The result: Development of efficient cooling channels in the shortest possible time, improvement of the service life or reduction of the cooling mass flow, reduction of costly prototypes.

Free live webinar on Tuesday May 16, 2017, from 11-12am.

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