Balancing Vehicle Comfort and Performance with Simulation-driven Cabin Design

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This seminar will highlight SIMULIA solutions enabling the design of comfortable, connected, yet energy-efficient vehicle cabins.

Cabin design in Transportation & Mobility is more challenging than ever. Vehicles are not anymore simply reduced to a tool to go from A to B, but they are seen by end users like an extension of home, meaning comfort and connectivity are critical. Moreover, challenges such as fuel economy and the introduction of WLTP regulations in parallel to the rise of electric vehicle are putting the cabin in the spotlight as the second most energy consuming system in a vehicle, with up to 50% battery range loss in extreme conditions.

eSeminar Highlights:

  • Overview of Industry Challenges around Cabin Comfort
  • Digital design of energy-efficient & quiet climate systems for thermal comfort
  • Engineering of comfortable cabins that meet safety regulations
  • Achieving flawless human interaction design through digital design of connected infotainment systems

Who should attend the eSeminar:

CFD or CAE managers; engineers involved in climate control, interior systems design, seats design, HVAC design or thermal systems; or anyone interested in cabin design for automotive vehicles, trucks and buses.

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About the speaker

Adrien Mann – Senior Manager, T&M Experience Management, Cabin Experience

With two masters in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech and Stanford University, Adrien Mann joined Exa Corporation's aero-acoustics application management team in 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area. After developing patented technologies enabling the identification of flow noise sources in HVAC systems, Adrien took the lead in March 2017 for the methodology development, application management and technical marketing of climate control solutions, including HVAC Noise, Cabin Thermal Comfort and Defrost/Demist. Following the acquisition of Exa by Dassault Systemes, Adrien has now overall responsibility at SIMULIA on the development of virtual design solutions for Cabin Comfort across all domains, including Thermal & Acoustic Comfort, Seat Comfort and Infotainment System Performance.