Are you done with UDI? Or is it just the beginning?

On Demand Webinar

Leverage UDI to Accelerate Product Quality and Safety

The FDA is intent on significantly improving device evaluation and decision-making through the adoption of Unique Device Identification (UDI) across the device ecosystem. The value of UDI resides in the ability to optimize meaningful data collection and analysis. Once UDI is fully implemented as part of a company’s global business operation, opportunities for improving quality, streamlining regulatory reporting and driving innovations forward are finally possible.

Watch this 60-minute webinar and learn more about:   

  • Implications of UDI on patients, providers and manufacturers          
  • Ability to leverage UDI information in global regulatory strategies
  • Value of managing the device identifier and production identifier
  • Effects of UDI on post-market quality management 


Presenters include:

Terrie Reed, Senior Advisor for UDI Adoption, FDA  

Daniel R. Matlis, Founder and President, Axendia

Jean Colombel, Vice President, Life Sciences Industry, Dassault Systèmes 

Watch the Webinar