SIMULIA Regional User Meetings

United Kingdom Regional User Meeting



Keynote Speaker - One

Juho Könnö - Wärtsilä Corporation, Manager, Digital Design Platform

Juho is responsible for the Digital Design Platform development in the Engines Technology department of the Marine Solutions division in Vaasa, Finland. Since joining Wärtsilä in 2011 he has worked mainly on structural analysis of 4-stroke engines, also leading several development and research projects focusing on multidisciplinary virtual validation methodology. He holds a Master of Science degree from Helsinki University of Technology and a Doctor of Science degree from Aalto University, both in applied mathematics and mechanics. Outside office hours you have a fair chance of finding him working on precision agriculture practices on his nearby cereals farm.

Securing product performance with requirements based validation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Abstract: In Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, we provide innovative products, systems and services based on our customers’ needs. To guarantee that we meet the requirements set for the product, it is essential that our product development is based on clearly defined targets and requirements in all phases of the product development lifecycle.

This presentation will shed light on how the requirements based validation concept is realized in the design of a large 4-stroke engine. At the heart of this methodology is a data cantered approach built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which encompasses the whole virtual validation scope and provides relevant views to the validation data catering for different needs. By coupling the requirements directly to the simulation results within the platform we arrive at a truly simulation driven design by integrating all the design decision data together with the simulations used to drive the design.

Keynote Speaker – Two 

Ed Green – Rolls-Royce Technical Specialist – Finite Element Analysis

Ed Green joined Rolls-Royce in 1977 as an undergraduate trainee and graduated from Trent Polytechnic with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1981.  He is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Ed is currently a Technical Specialist in Finite Element Analysis, based in Derby, UK, working with an international team which is responsible for developing and managing the company’s FE Analysis capability.  Ed has held a range of positions at Rolls-Royce, mainly in mechanical simulation & test.  Ed started his career working on thermo-mechanical FE analysis and internal aerodynamics, before taking up management positions in thermo-mechanical, structural, vibration & lifing analysis.  He has also been involved with advanced project studies and process Improvement on civil aerospace projects.  From 1998, Ed Spent four years managing the Mechanical Technology Team working on the Industrial Trent engine at Rolls-Royce Canada in Montreal.  He returned to Derby in 2002 as Chief of Experimental Vibration, managing the Experimental Vibration Group before moving to manage the Mechanical Methods Group from 2005 to 2016.

Ed will be presenting: The Past, Present and Future of Finite Element Analysis

Guest Speaker

Bill Austen – QinetiQ, Team Leader, Structural Analysis

Bill is a Chartered Engineer and capability leader of QinetiQ’s Structural Analysis team. Bill joined QinetiQ’s Structural Design group in 2001 as a Mechanical Engineer. Since then he has worked on and led a broad range of projects, analysing, designing and optimising advanced composite and metallic structures for defence, aerospace, space, automotive and maritime applications.

Bill technically manages a team of skilled structural analysts, designers and scientists, and is responsible for the winning and delivery of technical assessments and complex R&D programmes.  Capabilities within Bill’s team include advanced non-linear modelling, failure analysis and structural optimisation, primarily using Abaqus.  These capabilities are frequently deployed as part of a multi-disciplinary offering involving Subject Matter Experts from adjacent disciplines such as aerodynamics, manufacturing & materials, physical test, weapon technologies and stealth.

Drone Strike: Simulating mid-air collisions

Abstract: Recent developments in Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) or ‘Drone’ technologies provide many opportunities for consumers, businesses and authorities. However, the rapid proliferation of affordable and highly capable systems has also led to incidents in which ‘Drones’ have come into close proximity of manned aircraft.
This presentation provides an overview of the analysis activities undertaken by QinetiQ to assess the threat associated with mid-air collisions between different RPAS configurations and critical components on three classes of manned aircraft.

The work described was contracted through the UKs Unmanned Air Systems Capability Development Centre (UASCDC) on behalf of the Military Aviation Authority (MAA), the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) and the Department for Transport (DfT). The scope of this study was unprecedented and places the UK at the forefront of this internationally-recognised issue.