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2nd European Durability User Group Meeting


We are pleased to announce that our Keynote Speaker this year is Professor Adolf Hobbacher, Professor Emeritus at Jade University. Prof. Hobbacher is a renowned expert in weld fatigue and he will present a fascinating insight to his experiences with weld fatigue theory and practice entitled: ‘Fatigue Verification Procedures for Welded Joints & Components – an Overview of Recent Developments’. 

SIMULIA is pleased to announce its 2nd European Durability User Group Meeting. This year’s event will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, on Friday 10th November. The event will focus on fatigue theory and the practical usage of fatigue software.  Special attention will be paid to how fatigue analysis now fits seamlessly into the design process and the increased value to be gained by using this technology in collaboration with optimization and multibody simulation software.

Why should you attend the SIMULIA Durability User Group Meeting?

  • This is the only SIMULIA User Meeting in Europe focused totally on fatigue and durability simulation technology
  • Hear from renowned experts in the field of durability, as well as from users of fe-safe, the durability solution in SIMULIA’s portfolio
  • Hear the Durability R&D team give deep dives into key areas of fatigue theory and fe-safe capabilities including:

            o  Multiaxial Fatigue

            o  Weld Fatigue

            o  Fatigue of Rubber

            o  Material Testing

            o  The Use of Design Standards such as FKM Guidelines

  • See demonstrations showing how fe-safe fits into the modern design process by integrating with Abaqus, Isight, Tosca and Simpack

This is your opportunity to network with leading fatigue experts and users of all fatigue technology, and to share knowledge, expertise and experience. We offer a day of presentations on fatigue and durability as well as how fatigue technology is applied in industry to achieve business advantage across a broad range of sectors and for a variety of materials and components.

Don’t miss SIMULIA’s only European event focused entirely on fatigue and durability. Users of any fatigue software or FEA solution are encouraged to attend!

fe-safe Workshop, Thursday 9th November

To support this Durability UGM, we are also holding a half day ‘Getting Started with fe-safe’ Workshop on Thursday 9th November, available FREE to anyone who also attends the UGM.

The 2nd European SIMULIA Durability UGM on Friday 10th November 2017 will be held in conjunction with the SIMULIA German Regional User Meeting, which will take place at the same venue on 8th-9th November and the Multibody Simulation UGM on Tuesday 7th November.

Please Note: Both, the Durability and MBS User Group Meetings, will be held in English, the German RUM will be mostly in German.



Durability User Group Meeting – more information coming soon

Getting Started with fe-safe Workshop
Thursday 9th November, 15:00

Cost: €150 plus VAT *The fe-safe workshop is free for anyone also attending the Durability UGM


This half day Workshop is aimed at new fe-safe users, soon-to-be users and any FE analysts who would like to better understand how fe-safe fits into the design process.It is a pre-cursor to the full 2 day 'Introduction to fe-safe' training class and should not be seen as a replacement for the full training class.
Registration is open only to those also attending the Durability User Group Meeting on November 10. The workshop language is English.


  •  Introduction to Fatigue
    •    Stress-based Fatigue
    •    Strain-based Fatigue
    •    Multiaxial Fatigue
  •  Introduction to fe-safe
    •   GUI
    •   Typical Problem Configuration
    •   Fatigue Loadings
    •   Material Database
    •   Interoperability with FEA
  •  Live Demo
    •   Including set up, analysis and viewing results
  • SIMULIA Power of the Portfolio Workflow Demo, demonstrating how using fe-safe alongside Abaqus, Isight and Tosca can ensure that your designs are truly optimized for durability
Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The SIMULIA Durability User Group Meeting will this year take place in Braunschweig, Germany, and we are delighted to invite you to participate by presenting your work with fe-safe.

The meeting offers an unparalleled forum for you to share your work in the field of fatigue and durability with an audience of peers, fatigue specialists and industry experts. Come and showcase your work with fe-safe. Tell us how you are using fe-safe, what value it brings to your business, how it integrates with your overall design process, and share your experiences. We welcome presentations from both experienced and new users.

Why present?

  • Gain recognition and enhance your professional credentials
  • Create beneficial industry contacts within the durability simulation community

The Durability UGM will focus on fatigue theory and the practical use of fatigue technology.  This is a unique opportunity to experience state-of-the-art durability technology, meet major players in this field and network with accomplished and new users from a wide range of industries.

This is the only SIMULIA event in Europe focused entirely on fatigue and durability, and we encourage you to seize the opportunity to get involved! We are not looking for full written papers; a power point presentation will suffice (unless, of course, you wish to submit a written paper!). Abstract submissions should be 250 words or less.

Please submit your abstract to by 30th September 2017.