The Life Sciences Industry Day

SIMULIA West is delighted to announce the 2016 Life Sciences Industry Day!

The Life Sciences Industry Day meeting on November 1st, 2016 will showcase SIMULIA strategy, solutions, and latest news to illustrate the transformational impact that simulation is having on Life Sciences. This Industry Day will provide details of the impact of modeling and simulation on the medical device development process, covering topics such as personalization and the move towards virtual clinical trials; on pharmaceutical drug discovery and delivery; and on patient care, including pre-surgical planning, personalized device selection, and outcome improvements. The SIMULIA platform and technology strategy will be reviewed in detail from the viewpoint of Life Sciences applications, covering multiphysics (structures, fluids, electromagnetics and thermal effects) and multiscale (designed materials) topics, and show how these technologies are coming together to enable Virtual Human Modeling (such as with the Living Heart Project) and other innovative approaches. A special presentation will be made by CST, which is the latest company to join the SIMULIA family, on the value of electromagnetic simulations in Life Sciences. Select customer presentations will round out the day to provide a glimpse into existing customer applications of realistic simulation in Life Sciences and in other domains where modeling and simulation of the human body is important. The Life Sciences Industry Day will be useful to all users, influencers, and thought leaders in simulation and will provide an opportunity to learn, network, discuss, and look ahead to where Life Sciences simulation is headed.

Meeting Highlights:

  • SIMULIA strategy and updates
  • Modeling and simulation on medical device development
  • Virtual Human Modeling
  • Electromagnetic simulations in Life Sciences

Reasons to attend:

  • Acceleration of product development in Life Sciences
  • Customer applications of realistic simulation
  • Opportunity to network, discuss, and look ahead