Science in the Age of Experience

 May 15-18, 2017 • Chicago, IL



Customer Papers

Our customers’ commitment to presenting their innovative strategies and applications is the highlight of Science in the Age of Experience. This year’s abstracts are no exception! We have an exciting list of abstracts for the technical presentations as highlighted below.

Each abstract was reviewed and selected based on their outstanding quality and successful completion of the presenter requirements.

*Please note that this list could be subject to change.

List of Customer Abstracts



High Rise Elevators-Challenges And Solutions

5T Engineering AB

Advanced Simulation At Airbus: Towards A Global And Integrated Approach.

Airbus UK

Exploring The Complex Welding Engineering Design Space Using Computational Weld Mechanics

Applus Canada

Fully Coupled Aero-Thermochemical-Elastic Simulations Of An Eroding Graphite Nozzle

ATA Engineering, Inc.

Bird Strike And Novel Design Of Fan Blades

Aventec Inc.

Defect Detection And Localization By Lamb Wave Simulation

Beijing Sytna Technologies Co., Ltd.

Cylinder Head Water Jacket Fatigue Optimization Workflow


Investigation Of Cracks In Konar Concrete Gravity Dam By Nonlinear Thermo-Mechanical Analysis

Central Water Commission

FEA Modeling For Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol (TWCCEP)

C-FER Technologies Inc.

Front-End Loader Linkage Durability Study Using Load Input From True Load

CNH Industrial

Designing Cylinder Head Gaskets For New Generation Powertrains

Dana Incorporated

Biomechanics Of Craniofacial Fractures: A Simulation Study

Dayananda Sagar College Of Dental Sciences.

Analysis Of Dupont Engineering Polymers - Challenges And Solutions


Prediction Of Heat Generation Due To Hysteresis Of Thermoplastic Polymers Using ABAQUS Parallel Rheological Framework (PRF) Model


State Of The Art Hytrelâ® Material Modeling Development For The Design Of Jounce Bumper


Fatigue Life Prediction Techniques For Polymers And Polymer Matrix Composites


Leak-Before-Break Leakage And Heat Transfer Simulation Of Aircraft Bleed Air System Ducts

Eaton Aerospace LLC

Isight Automatic Process In The Virtual Drop Test Simulation For Innovative Packaging Design.


Validation Of XFEM-Based Simulation Capabilities For Fluid-Driven Fractures In Permeable Media

Exxonmobil, Upstream Research Company

Finite Element Modeling Using ABAQUS For Double-Sided Incremental Forming

Ford Motor Company

Example Nonparametric Optimization Cases For Additive Manufacturing Using TOSCA And ABAQUS

Front End Analytics LLC

As-Build Distortion Prediction And Its Validation In Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Processes

GE Global Research

Impact Of Sheet Metal Thinning On Spot Weld Fatigue For Automotive Doors


Deformation Analysis Of Tantalum Under Upset Forging And Back Extrusion

H.C. Starck

Using Abaqus To Model Permanent Set In Rubber: Assessment And Sensitivity Study


Bi-Directionally Coupled Multi-Physics Analysis On Fuel Tank

Hero Motocorp Ltd.

Dynamic Simulation Methodology Of Half-Toroidal CVT Variator System With Feedback Control

Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. Automobile R&D Center

Lessons Learned In Part Design From Topology Optimization Through Qualification

Honeywell FM&T

Finite Element Simulation Of The Multi Jet Fusion Process Using Abaqus

HP Inc

Improvement Of Piston Skirt Scuffing Problem Using 3D Piston Motion Simulation

Hyundai Motor Company

A Study For Durability Improvement Of Balance Shaft Module

Hyundai Motor Company

Comparison Of CEL, SPH And ALE For Self-Piercing Riveting

IDAJ Co., Ltd.

Reproduction Of The Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash Using Dynamic Finite Element Modeling

Illinois Institute Of Technology

Modeling And Evaluation Of Hockey Sticks During Impact With Hockey Pucks

Illinois Institute Of Technology

Three Dimensional Modeling And Finite Element Analysis Of The Human Spine And Axial Skeletal System Under Dynamic Loads.

Illinois Institute Of Technology

Integrating The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Into Aircraft Analysis Workflows: A User's Perspective


Flowvision & Abaqus 2-Way Strongly Coupled FSI Simulation Of Automobile Tire Aquaplaning


Failure Is Good: Perforation Patterns And Stretchy Paper Towels

Kimberly Clark Corporation

Predicting Non-Woven Web Compression Performance From Fiber Properties

Kimberly Clark Corporation

Topology Optimization Of Missile And Aviation Components For AM Fabrication

Materials Sciences Corp.

Development Of The Subroutine Library 'Ummdp' For Anisotropic Yield Functions

Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation

Application Of Artificial Damping Method To Practical Instability Problems

Mechanical Design & Analysis Corporation

A Comparative Study Of Joint Force Calculation Of Wiper System Using Abaqus And LMS Virtual Lab


Evaluation Of Floor Mechanical Properties For Risk Assessment During Component Drop.


Optimizing Numerical Simulations To Assess Structural Risk

Motorola Mobility

Making Efficient And Effective Use Of Simulation Results For Critical Design Decisions

Motorola Mobility

Three Carbon Steel Characterization Under Quasi-Static Strain Rate For Bumper Beam Application Experimental And FEM Using ABAQUS/CAE

National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

Improved Thermal Stress Prediction In Quenched Cylindrical Bodies Through A Dynamic Convection Coefficient Library

Naval Nuclear Laboratory-Knolls Atomic Power Lab

Stretchable Electronics And Deterministic 3D Assembly

Northwestern University

Metal Big Area Additive Manufacturing Via Direct Energy Deposition: Process Validation

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Personalized Medical Devices: Contact Lens

Optimal Device

Welding Spot Simulate In Compression Analysis Of New Energy Vehicle Battery Package

Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center

A New Fatigue Analysis Method For Engine Exhaust System Bracket Based On Abaqus Scripting Interface

Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center

Squeezable Containers: Improving The Consumer Experience

Plastic Technologies, Inc.

Modelling Rubber Bushings Using The Parallel Rheological Framework


Soft Tissue Elastography Through The Combination Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Topology Optimization

Purdue University

Solution From Lattice Sizing Optimization To Additive Manufacturing

Purdue University

Anisotropic Viscous Flow Simulation In Abaqus

Purdue University

A Revolutionary Framework To Enable High-Fidelity Multiscale Modeling

Purdue University

Simulation Of Carbon Fiber Semi-Crystalline Composites For 3D Printing By Fused Filament Fabrication

Purdue University

Simulation Of Polymeric Composites Additive Manufacturing Using Abaqus

Purdue University

Biomechanics Of Bioresorbable Coronary Stents

Queen's University Belfast

Fatigue Crack Propagation Comparison Of A Hydropower Main Inlet Valve Using 3D Crack Meshes In A Full Model Versus A Sub-Model

Quest Integrity Group, LLC

Modelling Of Accurate And Fast Heat Transfer Analysis Using FILM Subroutine

Robert Bosch Engineering And Business Solutions Limited

Stress Analysis Under Random Loading

Robert Bosch Llc

Modeling The Dynamic Behaviour Of A Safety And Arming Mechanism

Roketsan Missile Ind.

Effetcs Of Underwater Explosion On Pipeline Integrity


Optimization Of Conformal Cooling Part By Simulia Additive Manufacturing Solution

Shanghai Behr Thermal System Co.,Ltd

Optimizaiton Of T-Root Rotor Groove For Steam Turbine With B-Splines And Finite Element Analysis

Shanghai Turbine Works Co., Ltd

Influence Of Surrounding Powder Bed On Thermal Cooling Rates And Residual Stresses In 3D Printed Parts Via Selective Laser Melting

Singapore Institute Of Manufacturing Technology

Study On The Characteristics Of Traction Forces Difference Asymmetric Steering Bogies

Southwest Jiaotong University

Susceptibility Of Low Cost Housing To Seismic Activity In South Africa

Stellenbosch University

Tackling The Challenges Of Deployable Thin-Film Space Structures With Abaqus

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc.

Mechanical Testing Of FDM Parts For Process Simulation


Finite Element Analysis Of Structural Silicone Of Warped Insulated Glass Units

Stutzki Engineering

Towards A Useful Design Tool: Using Finite Element Analyses To Understand Deformation During Small Punch Disc Testing

Swansea University

Reliability Based Design Optimization Of Sub-Systems / Components Using Monte Carlo Simulation Of Isight

Tata Consultancy Services

Durability Analysis Of 3-Axis Input To Elastomeric Front Lower Control Arm Vertical Ride Bushing


Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation In Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Multi-Stage, Multi-Wellbore Cohesive Zone Models

The University Of Texas At Austin

Development Of The High-Performance Bushing Model Using Abaqus


Validation Of Thermo-Mechanical-Metallurgical Models For Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts


The Role Of Finite Element Analysis In The Development Of A 60mm Sensor Mortar Projectile

U.S. Army - ARDEC

Measurement And Prediction Of Distortions In A 316 Stainless Steel Part Produced By Laser Powder Bed Fusion

U.S. Army - ARDEC

Physics Based Distortion Modeling Of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process

United Technologies Research Center

Experimental And Numerical Study For Analyzing The Incompatibility Between Materials Used In The Restoration Of Heritage Building In Morocco

Université Hassan 1

Design And Optimizatio Of A Prototype Of A Olive Press For Home Use

Université Hassan 1

Calibration Of Parameters For Welding Simulation Using Abaqus Welding Interface

University Of Kansas

Implementation CAD And EF Composite Parts For Aerospace

University Of Science And Technology Of Hanoi

A Concurrent Patient-Specific Musculoskeletal And Finite Element Modeling Framework For Predicting In Vivo Kinematics And Contact Mechanics Of Total Knee Replacement

University Of Tokyo

Numerical Analysis Of Ballistic Impact Damage Of Layered Isotropic Plates

University Of Zagreb, FMENA

Optimization Of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures

Veryst Engineering LLC

Numerical Simulation Of Welding Process Using Abaqus Automation Plug-In For Predicting Residual Stress, Distortion & Microstructural Properties


3DEXPERIENCE Platform As Foundation For Requirements Based Validation

Wärtsilä Finland Oy

Vehicle Front-End Shape Optimization For Pedestrian Injury Risk Reduction

Waymo (Google Self-Driving Car)