Science in the Age of Experience

 May 15-18, 2017 • Chicago, IL



AM Hackathon General Statement

When designing and manufacturing load bearing production parts with AM, designers and manufacturers are facing many challenges including how to trade off the strength and stiffness and in-service performances with part weight given the freedom from subtractive manufacturing constraints; how to design organic and hollow structures such as the lattice structures that are now printable with AM; how to consider new design constraints and requirements such as overhang and support structures; how to reduce part distortion during printing process and close the gap between as-designed and as-manufactured parts.

In this AM Hackathon, participants will use 3DEXPERIENCE roles on AM available from Dassault Systèmes to overcome the design and manufacturing challenges. Software for Functional Generative Design, Process Build Setup, Simulation and Topology Optimization will be made available on Hackathon laptops.

Participants will be using the software tools to analyze, evaluate, and optimize the AM designs of several different realistic engineering parts. Participants are encouraged to send their final design to available hardware vendors on site for direct printing. The optimum designs will be evaluated by the committee based on the following general criteria and special criteria as listed in each challenge. Competition winners will be announced before the conclusion of Science in the Age of Experience Users’ Conference.

General evaluation criteria for winning teams will be based on:

  • in-service performance and abuse load bearing capability
  • compliance to space limit
  • weight savings
  • manufacturability and mass production
  • convenience for use and storage
  • aesthetics of the part
  • other special criteria as listed in each challenge

Please visit challenge links for detailed description of the challenges.

To register for the Hackathon Only please contact Samantha.Lindsay(at)