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North American Multibody Simulation User Group Meeting

SIMULIA North American Multibody Simulation User Group Meeting

We are pleased to announce our Finalized Agenda!


This year’s event will take place in Plymouth MI on Wednesday 27th September. This one-day User Group Meeting will demonstrate SIMULIA’s multibody simulation capabilities with a primary focus on Simpack software.

As part of the SIMULIA brand, focused on realistic simulation, Simpack is now the core multibody simulation (MBS) component of Dassault Systèmes and is a cornerstone of the broader Dassault Systèmes offering across multiple brands.

Our primary goal, as always, is to give users an opportunity to share their MBS and Simpack experiences and learn about new modeling and analysis strategies.

Our agenda is packed with interesting technical content:
Our Keynote Presentation this year will be presented by Jim Alanoly, Core CAE Methods Supervisor at FORD Motor Company and is entitled: "Model Based Systems Engineering for Vehicle Structure Development", a presentation on Model Based Simulation using Simpack together with other simulation products.

We have technology partners Rfactor Pro, cosin scientific software (FTire), and Concurrent Real Time Systems who will present their own product advances and how they relate to Simpack.
And our customer presentations from Honda and Ford will highlight the progress of their use with Simpack for Vehicle, Driveline, and Engine simulation.

We also have internal presentations on modeling electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle modeling incorporating other solutions from SIMULIA, including Abaqus.
Here a more detailed overview:

  • SIMULIA Corporate Overview & Strategy
  • Simpack Realtime Overview
  • Simpack Development Update
  • Abaqus and Simpack Integration
  • Acoustic Analysis with Simpack & Wave 6
  • Planetary Gear System – Gear Whine – Transmission/Differential
  • Full Electric Vehicle Modeling using Simpack, Dymola and Abaqus

This year you can also experience Realtime Simulation live in action with our Simpack Realtime Simulator on site! You are very welcome to have a go at it!

The MBS UGM will bring together Simpack experts and users, and MBS specialists from all around the world, who will share their knowledge and demonstrate the technical diversity of SIMULIA’s MBS technical capabilities. Attendees will also hear about the latest Simpack features and how they can be applied to further enhance productivity with Simpack.

This is a unique opportunity to experience state-of-the-art MBS technology, meet major players in this field and network with accomplished and new users from a wide range of industries.

Why should you attend the SIMULIA MBS User Group Meeting?

  • This is the only SIMULIA User Meeting in North American focused totally on multibody simulation technology
  • Hear Simpack users talk about their use of Simpack on real life projects
  • Learn about the latest Simpack features and see how they can be applied to further enhance your productivity in the MBS environment
  • Hear from and meet the MBS R&D Team
  • Network with leading MBS experts, Simpack users and specialist engineers to share knowledge, expertise and methodologies
  • This is an essential event for Simpack multibody simulation users and soon-to-be users, as well for all other multibody simulation software users such as Abaqus or Dymola

We look forward to seeing you in Michigan for our 2nd SIMULIA MBS UGM event!

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The Multibody Simulation User Group Meeting and The fe-safe User Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday September 27 at The Inn at St John’s, Detroit, MI. The SIMULIA Great Lakes Regional User Meeting will be held at the same venue on September 28.