fe-safe User Group Meetings

North American fe-safe User Group Meeting 

North American fe-safe User Group Meeting

We are pleased to announce the SIMULIA fe-safe User Group Meeting, 2017.

Last year, the meeting celebrated its 10th anniversary and it has grown year-on-year into a highly prestigious event offering a forum for learning and sharing ideas relating to fatigue and durability. It is continuously praised for the strength of its content, and we are delighted to invite you to join us in Plymouth, MI.

This is the only SIMULIA event in North America focused entirely on fatigue and durability. The meeting offers an unrivalled opportunity to network with leading fatigue experts and fe-safe users to share knowledge, expertise and methodologies. We offer a day of presentations on fatigue and durability as well as how fe-safe is applied in industry to achieve business advantage across a broad range of sectors and for a variety of materials and components.

We welcome both fe-safe users and those wishing to learn more about fatigue and how it fits into the overall design process.

The fe-safe UGM is always praised for its high technical focus.  This year’s agenda will again combine presentations from fatigue experts, fe-safe users and R&D engineers, offering deep dives into key aspects of the technology.

Why should you attend the SIMULIA fe-safe User Group Meeting?

  • This is the only SIMULIA User Meeting in North American  focused totally on fatigue and durability technology
  • Hear fe-safe users talk about their use of fe-safe on real life projects
  • Learn about the latest fe-safe features and see how they can be applied to further enhance your productivity in the  durability environment
  • Hear from and meet the Durability R&D Team
  • Network with leading fatigue and durability experts, fe-safe  users and specialist engineers to share knowledge, expertise and methodologies
  • This is an essential event for fe-safe users and soon-to-be users, as well as for users of competing fatigue software

“You go out of your way to put on a first class UGM! Thanks for your efforts”. Eaton Automotive

Call For Papers Now Open!!

To support the fe-safe User Group Meeting, we are offering two half-day workshops. Find more information here.