3D Fashion Experience

Los Angeles

May 22nd, 2014 - W Hotel Hollywood

FashionLab is pleased to invite you to attend a 3D Fashion Experience in Los Angeles for the launch of a ground-breaking 3D Showcase.

During this Networking Event, FashionLab will reveal a unique and innovative 3D Fashion Experience in collaboration with French Couture designer Julien Fournié.


The event will be divided into two part:

    1. a formal presentation to explain FashionLab mission and future concepts for the fashion industry,

    2. an exhibition area to reveal the "3D Fashion Experience" around a cocktail reception.


This 3D Fashion Experience will be a showcase of various technologies dedicated to a specific Fashion sub-segment : the FOOTWEAR industry.

We will display 3D Animations and digital experience to cover the whole process from A to Z,  from designers to consumers.

We will reveal our vision of the future of fashion through hands-on illustrations:

  • 3D Sketching Experience
  • 3D Immersive Experience
  • Mobile Assortment Experience
  • Realistic Design Experience
  • 3D Print Augmented Reality Experience
  • 3D Print Experience
  • 3D Visual Assortment Experience
  • 3D Movie Experience

The goal ? Enable you to discover and experiment future concepts for Designers in their creation process as well as future concepts for Consumers to enjoy new shopping experiences.

All the Experience will display different types of shoes specifically designed by our Partner, the French Couture designer Julien Fournié.


Join us and play with hands on technology experiences for designers and consumers and meet Julien Fournié!



Back in 2013, FashionLab organized a Networking Event in Las Vegas to showcase new consumer experiences in the jewelry and in the Fashion industry. Watch the video teaser to get the spirit of our upcoming Los Angeles Event.