CATIA Community Conference – 7 MAY 2014

Warwick University Arts Centre, Coventry

Phil Botley

Technical Manager – ICEM Products at TATA Technologies

Phil has been working in CAD/CAM since 1999 specialising in Surfacing and Visualisation tools. He has worked for a number of companies including Topologies, Alias, ICEM, Dassault Systemes and Envisage Group. Whilst at ICEM/Dasault Systemes Phil was Product Manager for the ICEM Conceptual Design and Rendering tools. He supported customers globally in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors with periods of support in Japan, the USA and mainland Europe engaging customers, developing new software tools and implementing best practice. Currently Phil is Sales and Technical Manager at TATA Technologies for the ICEM and CATIA ICEM Products range of tools, covering Surfacing, Concept Design, Visualisation and Rendering. At TATA Technologies Phil’s team supports Dassault Systemes with the ICEM Products in key accounts as well as delivering services and best practice advice to customers in multiple sectors.