CATIA Community Conference – 7 MAY 2014

Warwick University Arts Centre, Coventry

Welcome to our CATIA Community Conference

Today, industrial companies face many challenges to enhance their competitiveness in a global environment. Global distribution and production networks must ensure that each task is located where it can be carried the most effectively. In addition, developing smarter products and experiences, and innovating as a global team has become a major challenge to keep ahead of the competition.

By joining this major event, you will understand how CATIA will help you and your company overcome these key challenges through its 3DEXPERIENCE strategy.

In CATIA COMMUNITY CONFERENCE, come and discover how CATIA is at the core of DASSAULT SYSTEMES’s new 3DEXPERIENCE strategy, and meet our users and experts to share their experience with CATIA knowledge at the crossroad of various domains and industries.

DASSAULT SYSTEMES is convinced that innovations are mandatory to develop efficient and competitive industrial products. To drive new processes you must to have the right skills on time. While coming at the conference you will experience:

  • How CATIA is revolutionizing Product Innovation and Design Process throughout 3DEXPERIENCE
  • How CATIA users are innovating, during Learn & Share Breakout Sessions by domains (Mechanical Engineering, Styling, Systems Engineering and Electrical)
  • How Social Innovation redefines collaboration across CATIA users and beyond

DASSAULT SYSTEMES is looking forward to welcoming you at the CATIA COMMUNITY CONFERENCE. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with influencers that are our Users, Industry Leaders, Researchers, Students, Professors, Experts in order to exchange and share knowledge in the most delightful way.