June 10, 2014 - The Millbank Tower, London


Managing Director, Integral Powertrain / Intrinsys

Graduating with a 1st class degree in Mechanical Engineering, Darren joined Cosworth, leaders in the design of Formula 1 engines and embarked on a career of innovation. 


Following 10 years at Cosworth, Darren and 3 other senior managers started their own engineering consultancy, Integral Powertrain.  The business focuses on the development of electric machines, used to power leading hybrid vehicles for a range of prestigious car manufacturers.


Darren also formed Intrinsys spawned out of Integral Powertrain, offering a unique PLM Business Partner that was itself a user of the tools.  Looking to gain an advantage over its competitors, innovation was seen as a key enabler and the business started to exploit the rapidly developing software tools available from Dassault Systemes.