Supply Chain user

The Global Sourcing domain allows companies to leverage supply chain capabilities throughout the product lifecycle and make their suppliers an integral part of product development. Within Global Sourcing are these sub-processes: Supply Chain Network, Collaborative Sourcing, and Supplier Performance Monitoring.

ENOVIA Supplier Central

ENOVIA® Supplier Central™ allows companies to manage supplier relations and improve supplier qualification.

With ENOVIA Supplier Central, companies can define a master record of suppliers. The master record helps effectively manage the supplier relationship by providing a single source for all supplier related information including contact information, key persons, and capabilities. The product further records all relevant supplier characteristics through scorecards comprised of plant metrics, certifications, and supplier capabilities.

Using this information, supplier development managers can create individual supplier development plans that can strategically drive success in their supply base. The collaboration capabilities within the application enable organizations to develop plans in conjunction with suppliers to maximize the value of their supplier relationships.

Engineering organizations can securely share product information including CAD models, specifications and other related documentation with the supply chain. Within a large product, ENOVIA Supplier Central can assign supplier responsibilities at appropriate levels without any risk to intellectual property (IP). Collaboration capabilities allow engineering to work with suppliers as an extension, reducing unnecessary product iterations and improving product quality.

Supplier development managers can use scorecards to manage supplier performance and improve capabilities. Quality managers can create part quality plans from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates, allowing quality-planning methodologies to be standardized, customized, and measured with a combination of control and flexibility.

  • Manage supplier relationships to maximize the quality of the supply base
  • Enable secure supplier collaboration by providing them with direct access to real-time product information early in the design process
  • Enhance strategic sourcing by having supplier capability, quality and performance information readily available for buyers when they need it
  • Manage supplier information by creating supplier master and profile information to support supplier collaboration processes
  • Improve and manage supplier performance through plans and scorecards for new and existing suppliers
  • Improve product quality by jointly defining part quality plans with suppliers from the beginning of the development process
  • Supplier Information Management
    Buyers can record, track, and update supplier profile information, saving valuable time for all involved. In addition, users can: • Track supplier business units and locations • Maintain supplier users and authentication information • Maintain Approved Supplier Lists (ASLs) • Track supplier process capabilities and certifications • Publish supplier standards manuals • Maintain commodity buyer desks • Define company and supplier purchase classes or commodities
  • New Supplier Qualifications
    Supplier Development Plans (SDPs) are used to increase supplier input by creating, reviewing, and sharing qualification tasks with suppliers. Development plans are created from easy-to-use templates, which allow for consistent and measurable process standardization. SDP information such as properties, deliverables, discussions and lifecycle state is summarized in a single comprehensive view to simplify management oversight.
  • Secure Information
    For each product part or sub-assembly, users can assign suppliers one or more responsibilities, such as design, manufacture, or test; and provide granular visibility settings at specific levels of the bill-of-material (BOM). Based on these settings, ENOVIA Supplier Central controls the type of information that the partner or supplier can view or download using package and transfer capabilities available with ENOVIA® Supplier Representative. Administrators may also configure role-based access to specific information.
  • Supplier Development Plan (SDP) Power View
    The “Supplier Development Plan Power View” allows users to comprehensively access all SDP information in one single view to improve the user experience. While working on SDPs, users can now perform various operations on them without having to navigate back and forth between pages. Users can modify SDP properties, deliverables, discussions and lifecycle state even while they view other information for greater ease-of-use. Additionally, users can swiftly switch to work on a different SDP without navigating away from the same page.
  • Track Supplier Performance and Key Metrics
    The reporting functionality enables each plant to report key metrics as products are delivered. This information (along with other metrics designated by individual supplier development managers) is tracked and reported using supplier scorecards.
  • Quality Plan Templates
    Define Quality Plan Templates, such as PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), with a detailed WBS for suppliers to achieve process standardization and predictability by driving repetitive plan execution throughout the value-chain. Distribute document templates and forms for corrective actions, deliverables, and quality plans.
  • Streamline Product Quality Plans
    Quality engineers can create detailed part quality plans from Quality Plan Templates. With a part quality plan, quality engineers can work with suppliers to schedule and complete those tasks and deliverables to support the product and program launch. As a result, the planning process becomes a measurable collaboration effort with your supplier.
  • Quality Plan Dashboards
    Status summaries enable users to view plan status, giving quality managers a complete view of their plans with drill-down capability to WBS tasks. This enables quality managers to identify quickly any unforeseen issues.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Supplier Central supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaborative innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.