Intelligence Solutions

Predictive Analysis for Global Decision Support

Domain Objective

Predictive Analysis for Global Decision Support

Intelligence Domain Overview

DELMIA Intelligence provides predictive analysis for global decision support.  

Operations Intelligence Capabilities:        

•    Perform data-driven predictive analysis          
•    Elimination of data silos (Cross silo analysis)
•    Learn rules for best practices to optimize performance

Intelligence Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - Digital Numerical Control Connector   DCC  
DELMIA - Emergent Process Management   EGP  
DELMIA - Operations Advisor   OAD  
DELMIA - Operations Execution   OEX  
DELMIA - Order Planning (OPG)   OPG  
DELMIA - Performance Tracker   PFT  
DELMIA - Process Rules Discovery   RDY  
DELMIA - Shop Floor Portal   SFP  
DELMIA - Velocity Core   VCC  
DELMIA - Velocity Integrator   VCI  
DELMIA - Work Instruction Player Visual   WPV  
DELMIA - Work Instruction Player Interactive   WPI