Robotics Solutions

Program and Simulate your Industrial Robots

Domain Objective

Program and Simulate your Industrial Robots

Robotics Domain Overview

DELMIA Robotics allows you to program and simulate your industrial robots.

Robotics Capabilities:         

•    1,000+ industrial robot library from 15 robot vendors
•    Design and validate work cell layout              
•    Simulate and optimize work cell behavior for arc welding, spot welding, and   material handling applications
•    Accurately predict robot motion and cycle time
•    Generate robot programs offline
•    Manage complex multi-robot scenarios

Robotics Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - ARC Welding   ARW  
DELMIA Flex Dynamic Cable Simulation   FDS  
DELMIA - Part Design Feature Recognition FRM    
DELMIA - Generative Shape Design GSM    
DELMIA Robotics   OLP  
DELMIA DPM Work Instructions WI1    
DELMIA Work Instruction Composer   WKC  
DELMIA - Generative Part Structural Analysis   MGS  
DELMIA - Resource Layout   MRL  
DELMIA - Production System Analysis   PSY  
DELMIA - Shop Order Release   SOR  
DELMIA Automation- CLM C Code Generator CG1    
DELMIA - 2D Layout Planning   L2P  
DELMIA - 3D Layout Planning   L3P  
DELMIA Automation- CLM Control Setup SC1    
DELMIA - Human Preferred Angles Catalog   MAC  
DELMIA - Generative Drafting MG1 MGD  
DELMIA - Human Task Catalog   MHC  
DELMIA - Interactive Drafting MID    
DELMIA - Human Posture Catalog   MPC  
DELMIA - Human Anthropometry Catalog   MTC  
DELMIA - DPM Shop Floor Viewer   SHF  
DELMIA Automation- CLM SIMATIC Setup SU1    
DELMIA - Workcell Sequencing   WSQ  
DELMIA - Realistic Robotic Simulation II   RST  
DELMIA - DPM Work Instructions   WKI  
DELMIA - Plant Layout PLT    
DELMIA - Equipment Arrangement   MEQ  
DELMIA - Device Task Definition   WSU  
DELMIA - Device Building   DBG  
DELMIA - DMU Dimensioning & Tolerancing Review MTR    
DELMIA - DMU Space Analysis   MSA  
DELMIA - DMU Optimizer   MOP  
DELMIA - DMU Navigator MDU MNV  
DELMIA - DMU Fastening Review   MFR  
DELMIA - Realistic Robot Simulation   RRS  
DELMIA - Human Builder   MHB  
DELMIA - Human Activity Analysis   MHA  
DELMIA - Human Posture Analysis   MHP  
DELMIA - Human Measurements Editor   MHM  
DELMIA - Human Task Simulation   MHT