NC Programmers

NC Programmers

Defining the behavior of programmable CNC machines

DELMIA NC Machine Builder

Create and Manage Virtual NC Machine Tools and Accessories

DELMIA NC Machine Builder (NMB) provides the tools needed to create virtual NC machines, machine accessories, and their controllers for use in NC programming, optimization, and validation in a virtual 3D environment. Milling, turning and mill-turn machines can be easily modeled. But users can also easily model complex machines: milling machines with multiple heads, multiple spindles, and multiple turrets, or multi-tasking mill-turn machines. Machine modelers can define axis-motion parameters, including travel limits, acceleration, and speeds. Once the NC machine model is completed and validated, it can be saved as a PLM 2.0 resource in the Version 6 single IP platform to be used by all NC programmers throughout the enterprise.

  • Leverage the NC machine
  • Simplify machine tool kinematic definition
  • Easily create any machine type
  • Complete NC machine or machine accessory definition including geometry, kinematics and controller
    NMB users can model NC machines or machine accessories using a combination of prismatic, revolute, and rigid joints. They can assign attributes to these joints, such as joint name, travel limit, velocity and acceleration limits. They can also assign machine home positions and tool change position, including the position’s axis priorities. NC machine table and spindle positions can be defined by identifying the tool and workpiece mount parts and axis systems. Accurate modeling can be completed by adding NC controller information.
  • Automatic assignment of inverse kinematic solver
    Based on the kinematic type of the NC machine, an inverse kinematic solver is automatically assigned without any user interaction. This includes support for NC machines with fixed or moving beds, rotary axes on a bed or head, and interchangeable heads, and for mill-turn machines with rotary turrets and mill turrets.
  • Validation of NC machine kinematics and other attributes through the Jog capability
    Once the machine definition is complete, the user can validate the machine model using the jog capability. This includes validation of forward and inverse kinematics, travel limits, home positions, and the reachable workspace.