Manufacturing Planners

Manufacturing Planners

Creating and optimizing build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems

DELMIA Manufactured Product Planning

Define the Manufacturing Bill of Materials

DELMIA Manufactured Product Planning (MPP) delivers cross-industry planning capabilities for all manufacturing stakeholders who need to modify a product’s engineering definition in order to deliver an MBOM definition to downstream manufacturing planning and detailing stakeholders. Manufacturing planners can create all relevant manufacturing stages of MBOM that have not been defined by product engineering. This includes the definition of manufacturing assemblies and product transformations.

MPP lets manufacturing planners create or restructure the engineering product definition to meet the requirements of the product as it will be manufactured. Starting from the engineering product definition, the planner can compose the MBOM definition using a structured graph.

MPP gives all manufacturing planning players—process planners, configuration engineers, requisition engineers, and others—a Zero-D to 3D virtual environment where they can efficiently define the MBOM from the engineering definition. This definition can be seamlessly leveraged by downstream processes in the manufacturing planning workflow, from process, resource, and work instructions planning through production execution.

  • True collaborative manufacturing and engineering views
  • Intuitive user experience for MBOM definition
  • Scalability from process planning to execution
  • Off-the-shelf solution
  • Plant-specific MBOM definition from a central MBOM
  • Automatic MBOM generation based on product structure or EBOM
    MPP users can automatically generate the initial MBOM based on the definition of the product structure or engineering bill of materials (EBOM) from the product designer. Users can then make modifications to the plan by simply dragging and dropping parts or entire stage nodes from one step in the plan to another. When product designers modify the product structure, MPP users can automatically insert the product structure change into their manufacturing stages.
  • Modify and enrich the MBOM in a collaborative environment
    MPP lets planners define additional relevant manufactured parts issued from assembly or fabrication processes in the Version 6 collaborative environment. Planners can intuitively reorganize the manufacturing stages of the MBOM using simple drag-and-drop functions. They can also add consumables needed for the manufacturing process from a catalog.
  • Manufacturing responsibility definition
    The planner in the central office defines the MBOM, the MAKE or BUY decision for the MBOM node, and the manufacturing plant responsibility. From this MBOM, each planner at a given plant can adapt the MBOM to his local constraint (by adding an assembly stage, for example) and then define his plant-specific MBOM.