Manufacturing Managers

Manufacturing Managers

Managing the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimized global production operations efficiency

DELMIA Process Review

Web-based access to manufacturing data for non-engineering users

DELMIA Process Review (CPV) enables non-engineering users to navigate, search and filter manufacturing process plans and supporting documents using their web browsers.

  • An easily deployed, easily scaled web-based solution for non-engineering users anywhere
  • Collaboration with both external and internal stakeholders
  • Minimized cost of ownership
  • A rich interface experience
  • Securely navigate manufacturing process plans and data with your web browser
    CPV provides the secure, web-based interface that is common for all V6 web-based tools. Users can navigate and search detailed process plans quickly and easily.
  • Control detail-viewing levels with simple expand-and-collapse of the process tree
    CPV users can access the process, manufacturing systems, and operations structure to better understand process information and to locate associated process properties and supporting documents.
  • Attach and retrieve supporting documents as objects in the process structure
    Users of CPV can both access and manage supporting documents as objects in the process plan. These documents may come from finance, purchasing, or other non-engineering sources throughout the enterprise that supply additional relevant information.