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Con esta versión, las ventajas de las funcionalidades de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se ponen a disposición en una colaboración transparente con V5-6R.


Las funcionalidades de colaboración mediante las redes sociales, gestión empresarial y creación de paneles de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se pueden emplear para respaldar procesos mediante el conjunto de herramientas V5-6R.

SMARTEAM - Development Suite (DVS)
SMARTEAM - Development Suite allows organizations to deliver PLM capabilities to enterprise-wide systems and transfer structured product data between them, helping organizations meet their business needs faster and reduce infrastructure investment. With SMARTEAM Development Suite, organizations can use PDM capabilities and functionality from any system, platform, or location. Additionally, SMARTEAM Development Suite provides a mechanism for sharing data between different data management systems. Information can now be easily shared between systems within your organization, and across partner companies and supply chain members, without imposing any restrictions on using specific software applications or systems.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

SMARTEAM - Development Suite is a tool for enhanced development. It expands on SMARTEAM Foundation s Windows-based customizability by providing the ability to access the SMARTEAM API from any platform, via the Web. SMARTEAM Development Suite enables organizations to leverage ENOVIA SMARTEAM collaborative PLM into any system, on any platform, anywhere, so as to streamline business processes, leverage investments, and enhance applications. Organizations can then share data in-house, across their value chain, or within their customer base in a cohesive manner, regardless of the system in use.

The SMARTEAM Development Suite is composed of three components: SMARTEAM i-Platform SDK, SmartIXF SDK and SMARTEAM Visual Components SDK:

  • SMARTEAM i-Platform SDK Enables the integration of SMARTEAM with UNIX environment applications. The SMARTEAM API can be accessed via a web or Java-based interface, from any platform. Tools that integrate robust revision management, design collaboration, change management, advanced search and retrieval and more, can be integrated into any proprietary system, enterprise application or external system residing within the extended enterprise or across the supply chain.

SMARTEAM introduces robust Client Components to include the SMARTEAM PLM business logic, assisting developers in coding integrations quickly and more easily. The Client Libraries replace the embedded scripts and Record list libraries, moving the integration liability for SMARTEAM operations from the integration level (developers responsibility) to SMARTEAM.

  • SmartIXF SDK - Technology that enables two-way communication between different data management systems, by providing a standard mechanism for product information packaging and manipulation. Product information can then be transferred between any two systems or applications. At many companies, data islands often operate in isolation from one another for applications such as PDM, ERP, and BOM. Because of this lack of integration, data is often exchanged manually in a time-consuming and error-prone process. Different PDM systems within the same company or supply chain fail to effectively talk to one another. SmartIXF SDK provides simple tools for sharing product data between any different systems within the organization and across the supply chain.

  • SMARTEAM Visual Components. Visual Components enable the integration of SMARTEAM web prepackaged components that can be embedded into a corporate or exchange web portals. ENOVIA SMARTEAM introduces a set of components, that can be used as building blocks for using partial web-based SMARTEAM - Editor functionality for the entire organizational range, such as profile card, Tree view, Grid view, menus and toolbars.

Product Highlights

SMARTEAM - Development Suite helps organizations to meet their special needs, and achieve their PLM customization and development goals easily and rapidly. SMARTEAM - Development Suite enables organizations to capitalize on ENOVIA SMARTEAM s proven expertise and leverage its collaborative PLM capabilities into any system, on any platform, anywhere, enabling them to streamline business processes across the organization, leverage existing investments in use within their systems, and enhance all applications in use with best-of-breed collaborative PLM capabilities.

Use PDM capabilities and data from any system

The i-Platform SDK component of the SMARTEAM - Development Suite unveils the capability to integrate robust revision management, design collaboration capabilities, change management, advanced search and retrieval capabilities and more, into any proprietary system, enterprise application or external system residing within the extended enterprise or across the supply chain.

ENOVIA SMARTEAM s unequaled open infrastructure and architecture, coupled with i-Platform SDK enables businesses to remotely take advantage of the SMARTEAM API, and easily develop unique cross-platform solutions over the web, including rich web application integrations, server-to-server integrations, and local or remote desktop application integration solutions.

Cohesive data sharing among any systems

The SmartIXF component of the SMARTEAM - Development Suite provides a mechanism for transferring product data between different systems within the enterprise or supply chain. SmartIXF can be used with to package product data and transfer it in a standard manner to any system. Based on the Information eXchange Format (iXF) SmartIXF can run independently of SMARTEAM or any other data management system and provide a common mechanism for data sharing.

iXF is a standard which offers proven methods of handling product data. iXF can provide out-of-the-box functionality such as BOM, configuration, and document management features, e.g., version control and file compression. iXF provides these functionalities in a highly efficient manner, enabling organizations to interact with other companies immediately.

The SmartIXF SDK is a high-performance, robust, and versatile implementation of the iXF Specification. SmartIXF SDK enables easy creation, manipulation and processing of product data. Using SmartIXF SDK, data islands can turn into a cohesive knowledge base.

Product Key Customer Benefits

SMARTEAM i-Platform SDK Component:

  • Enhance existing applications capabilities with collaborative product management tools while maintaining existing user interface
  • Leverage existing information technology investments by enabling cross platform system integrations with ENOVIA SMARTEAM
  • Extend the reach of collaborative PLM into external applications
  • Save developer time and cost, increase productivity, and ensure code robustness by utilizing ENOVIA SMARTEAM s proven collaborative PLM capabilities and by working with standard technologies and protocols

SmartIXF SDK Component:

  • Standard-based product information collaboration across global organizations
  • Streamlines processes across business units residing in dispersed locations and using disparate systems and platforms
  • Increase the value of existing in house systems by extending the information flow from one system to another
  • Leverage existing IT investments by enabling data exchange between any systems
  • Easily collaborate with partners and supply chain members in a method specialized to your business needs.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding duplicate information maintenance
  • Increase revenue by automating information sharing across systems, and decreasing execution time.

Fonctional Benefits:

SMARTEAM i-Platform SDK Component:

  • Collaborate with your suppliers via web portals, utilizing rich PDM functionality, while maintaining your company s standard look-and-feel.
  • Overcome technological barriers by enabling up-to-date information exchange across all enterprise application platforms.
  • Deliver data collaboration capabilities to any existing corporate applications.
  • Eliminate information duplication by leveraging your enterprise systems with advanced knowledge and change management capabilities.
  • Optimize business processes across your enterprise applications by sharing mission-critical information
  • Ensure seamless business process flow across distributed enterprise solutions regardless of systems interface or location.

SmartIXF SDK Component:

  • Rapid Implementation prepackaged libraries handle all information transfer in a standard manner
  • Versatile and Highly Interoperable enables multiple types of information exchange between multiple applications, platforms, departments and organizations
  • Flexible - enables businesses to use their own data model and terminology while interoperating with external business associates. Supports many data models in addition to its prepackaged ones
  • Embedded Support for versioning, change tracking, object hierarchies and relationships
  • Efficient the iXF Archive format packages unlimited-sized objects, metadata and files into a single compressed package
  • Robust - a common platform to interoperate with existing or 3rd party systems, regardless of platforms or IT infrastructure
  • Standards-Based Adheres to XML, XML Schema, ZIP, SOAP