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AITAC has been founded in 2002, and from the start its main activities have been Shipbuilding, Yacht design, Marine and Offshore Engineering along with CATIA and Dassault Systèmes solutions expertise. AITAC has high educated and experienced naval architects and engineers in the field of Shipbuilding, Yacht design, Marine & Offshore (M&O) engineering.

AITAC brings its long-term experience and knowledge of the Shipbuilding and Offshore industry to the V6 Shipbuilding and M&O PLM solution. The Dassault Systemes Shipbuilding and M&O PLM solution helps companies in their strategic initiatives around the transformation of product development, manufacturing and enterprise collaboration processes. Using CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA products allows shipyards to integrate all processes and disciplines in all project phases, bringing efficiency, better and faster design.

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AITAC has been implementing and developing applications around CATIA and Dassault Systemes Solutions for several years in many Shipyards, Offshore companies, Civil Engineering companies and Mechanical Engineering offices. AITAC is focused on bringing the customers innovative methodologies and smart tools on top of CATIA.

AITAC has developed a highly productive Drafting application, based on 3DEXPERIENCE,  named Smart Drawings.

Smart Drawings leverages 3DEXPERIENCE Drafting App with tools targeted for Heavy Industries like Marine&Offshore, Shipbuilding, Civil Engineering. 

Amongst the main functionalities of Smart Drawings:

  • Sheet and Drawing advanced templates to better integrate your standards,
  • Smart annotations: slope, elevation, multi-stiffener, multi-rebar, intelligent annotations, floor level, etc., fully associative with 3D.
  • Smart tables: to define advanced and complex tables in your drawings, fully associative with 3D.
  • Structural view and Structural Logical view improvement: you are able to control all the symbolic representation in the view.
  • View Update Rules: integration of Enterprise Knowledge Language (EKL) inside view update.
  • Automatic annotations placement.
  • Automatic batch drawings: Piping Isometric drawings, Piping Orthogonal Spool drawings, etc.

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