SIMULIA eSeminar: The new features of the release Abaqus 6.12

On Juni 13, 2012 12:00 (GMT)
online - your computer | Germany

The eSeminar provides an overview about the most important new features

In May Abaqus 6.12 is released. This release contains a lot of improvements and enhancements. Just to name some of them:

Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit
- Performance improvements for batch preprocessing and initialization
- A new innovative algorithm generating a substructure using the AMS eigensolver significantly improves
  substructure generation performance
- Modeling of thermal interactions with Eulerian-Lagrangian contact
- Enhanced functionality for electromagnetic analysis: Magnetostatic analysis, transient eddy current analysis,
  nonlinear magnetic behavior

- Implicit treatment of advection helps in achieving larger stable time steps in Abaqus/CFD simulations
- Non-Newtonian viscosity

- Viewing model database attributes in the Visualization modul
- Transfer an assembly from CATIA V6 to Abaqus/CAE
- Boundary layer meshing
- Create geometry from orphan elements
- Persistence for session objects and options
- Modify a mesh by dragging nodes

The eSeminar provides an overview about the most important new features. Please note that the seminar language is German. Participation is for free.