ENOVIA Shopper Studio

3DVIA Shopper overview

3DVIA Shopper is a new and ready-to-use business solution for Brand Manufacturers and Retailers. It enables users to realistically simulate retail settings inside immersive, lifelike 3D environments to better imagine, validate, and deploy optimum shopping experiences.


The 3DVIA Shopper product line consists of 3 products:


3DVIA Shopper Studio: Create 3D product models from 2D pictures, build assortments, design virtual shelves and stores, visualize shelves and stores in 3D, and generate 2D merchandising instructions for clear communication and in-store deployment.


3DVIA Merchandising Optimizer: Optimize the quality of merchandising plans by validating them according to established merchandising rules.


3DVIA Shopper Experience: More efficiently collaborate with business partners by reviewing retailing and merchandising plans inside interactive, 3D virtual stores that can be viewed through the eyes of consumers.

(1) Improve brand decisions and differentiate from the competition

• Easily create virtual shopping experiences to visualize ideas and see them through the eyes of consumers.

• Use high quality, realistic visualizations to improve decision making and communication with business partners.

• From category structure and brand architecture to packaging impact, you can discuss, optimize and interact with your ideas in 3D, in just a few clicks.

• Explore options more efficiently by eliminating the cost and time required to develop physical mock-ups.

(2) Transform insights into in-store execution

• Maintain respect for the design intent by creating reusable merchandising templates driven by category management decisions.

• Easily adapt results to best meet store-specific requirements including product assortments, space, and furniture.

• Validate and optimize merchandising best practices in accordance with an automated rule checker.

• Generate and print easy to understand merchandising instructions for successful in-store deployment.

(3) Democratize the use of 3D

• Leverage the power of 3D with applications that can be easily used by non-technical users.

• Deploy interactive 3D content through a web browser to connect with end users wherever they are.

• Identify significant time and cost savings with a unique technology that quickly and easily transforms 2D pictures into 3D virtual products.

• More clearly discuss, optimize, and interact with branding and packaging ideas using the universal language of 3D

(4) Optimize processes end-to-end

• Leverage the powerful ENOVIA V6 platform to integrate merchandizing processes around the shopping experience.

• Quickly adapt and deploy processes using a pre-defined set of business objects

• Connect packaging, shelf, and store design for efficient commercial operations.

• Improve information sharing and engagement across global and local organizations in real-time through 3D virtual shopping experiences.

  • Communicate more clearly to convince business partners and make more informed decisions using lifelike 3D applications.
  • Explore a wider variety of merchandising alternatives, and easily adapt them to variations in product assortments or retail environments.
  • Generate easy to understand merchandising instructions for in-store deployment.
  • Streamline collaboration with stakeholders, from the overall merchandizing strategy of the product category to the management of store-specific product assortments.
  • Minimize the time and money required to develop physical prototypes and/or 3D models.
  • 3D Gondola Authoring
    With an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface, 3DVIA Shopper enables non-3D professionals to easily utilize powerful 3D tools.
  • 3D Visualization
    Visualizing in 3D makes it easier to understand and make informed decisions. The 3DVIA Shopper user interface lets users easily navigate, pan and zoom the 3D view point.
  • Display Assortment
    View the 3D gondola and the associated assortment of products in the same window.
  • Product Search
    A dedicated search bar in the Assortment tab enables users to easily search for products, inside or outside the defined product assortment.
  • Right Shelf Space
    3DVIA Shopper can automatically propose the nominal number of shelves for the given product assortment.
  • Adjustable Shelf Bases and Fixtures
    Easily add, remove, or modify the dimensions and position of shelf bases and fixtures from an existing gondola to adapt to the constraints of individual stores.
  • Modify Shelf Base Dimensions
    Adapt shelf base dimensions so designs can be easily adapted to match individual store layouts.
  • Add Fixtures
    Select and position the correct fixtures to design gondolas that best match store requirements.
  • Modify Fixture Dimensions
    Modify fixture dimensions to precisely match the shelf base of targeted stores.
  • Product Positioning
    Drag products from the assortment directly to a shelf or peg support and 3DVIA Shopper automatically positions the product.
  • Product Information
    Quickly access product information with a data card displayed directly in the window.
  • Select Products
    Work faster with advanced selection capabilities, including single product selection, multiple product selection, selection by area, and selection by shelf element or full shelf.
  • Product Placement
    Align, distribute, rotate, and snap products together to maximize the use of space while maintaining an appealing display.
  • Modify Product Facing
    Easily modify product facing by grabbing a corner of the product and dragging it to increase or decrease the product facing.
  • Position Products
    Move or rotate products, in 3D dimensions with simple visual guides to identify the best product placement or orientation on a shelf.
  • Display Lead-in Arrow
    Use the lead-in arrow as a visual guide on top of the shelves to show the shows the direction a gondola is to be set.
  • Display Consumer Decision Tree
    Leverage category management and space management in the same view by displaying the consumer decision tree on top of the digital shelf. Once the category management tree is displayed, the product assortment can be automatically filtered by clicking on one of its cells.
  • Resize Consumer Decision Tree
    3DVIA Shopper makes an automatic proposal of the space allocated to each level of the consumer decision tree. As the design progresses, the space allocated to each cell can be easily adjusted.
  • Import Building Designs
    Import 3D digital content creation (DCC) architectural designs to provide an immersive, lifelike experience for users working on a 3D product gondola.
  • Synchronize Designs
    3DVIA Shopper supports ENOVIA lifecycle management capabilities to automatically maintain changes to 3D gondola shelf designs. All updated designs are synchronized with the existing product information and layout, with clear visual cues allowing users to decide whether changes should be incorporated or not.
  • Visualize Synchronization Results
    Get visual feedback on what has been modified during the synchronization and decide whether to incorporate changes, individually or globally.
  • Choose Level of Detail
    Adjust the level of detail of product representations to suit individual needs; either reducing detail to optimize performance, or increasing detail when working on a specific subset of products.
  • Set Walkthrough Start Position
    Select the ideal position for the in-store walkthrough to begin in order to define the ideal first impression.
  • Prepare Gondola for 3D Walkthrough
    Generate a lifelike 3D experience with a single click, enabling users to navigate through individual 3D shelves or an entire 3D store.
  • Image Organization
    For easy access, 3DVIA Shopper securely manages all pictures used to generate 2D or 3D representations in a single location.
  • Create 3D Representations from Pictures
    Create 3D product representations from a combination of 2D pictures (front, back, sides, top, bottom) and dimensions in just a few seconds with this new and innovative technology, making it possible to rapidly create hundreds or even thousands of products to populate virtual stores.
  • Dimension Specification
    Easily edit and modify the dimensions of a representation to match those of real products as products are iterated and finalized.
  • Material Specification
    Provide the most realistic experience possible by selecting material and lighting properties for product representations.
  • Merchandising Attribute Definition
    Define product behaviors such as stacking individually to best define how products can be displayed to model a realistic in-store experience.
  • Placeholders
    Begin designing earlier in the merchandizing process by using simplified representations of products (3D colored boxes), that can be replaced by more detailed representations later in the process.
  • Level of Detail
    Automatically manage several levels of detail (LOD’s) for each product: from highly detailed, for close interaction with the product, to simplified, when the product is seen from a distance.
  • Consumer Decision Tree Definition
    Help category managers define the logical order in which a product assortment should be presented to consumers with a “consumer decision tree”. This is captured to be reused during the actual design of the 3D gondola.
  • Product Assortment Association
    Adapt the consumer decision tree from one assortment to another: for example to support regional products.
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  • Lifecycle Management
    3DVIA Shopper leverages ENOVIA lifecycle states. Most business objects can be 'initialized' for objects that are currently being designed, 'ready to use' to let others reuse a given business object.
  • Versioning
    To help users control iterations around a given design, 3DVIA Shopper provides advanced revision capabilities. At any time, users can clone an existing business object to create a new variant.
  • Product Assortments
    With 3DVIA Shopper, users can efficiently manage their structure of product assortments and sub-assortments. This helps manage store formats for a given category when multiple options are needed to address differences in store layouts.
  • Product Assortment Association
    Help adapt to changes in the list of products that will be sold by easily adding or removing products from an existing sub-assortment.
  • Associate 3D Gondola to Product Assortment
    Associate multiple 3D gondola shelves to each product assortment, independently defining shelf base elements, fixtures, and products.
  • Shelf Space Definition
    Specify the nominal, minimal, and maximum shelf space for each product sub-assortment.
  • Associate 3D Representations to Products
    Manage several 2D or 3D representations for each product to display them in multiple ways; such as standing on a shelf, hanging from a peg, or stacked with other products. As packaging or product designs are refined, their corresponding representations can be easily updated.
  • Virtual Stores
    Making better retail and merchandising decisions using a highly realistic, interactive experience. Transform design ideas into a 3D virtual store and share it with other users to validate and improve store layouts.
  • Generate Customizable Merchandising Instructions
    Generate customizable Merchandising Instructions that display all information required for in-store operations; including shelf base dimensions, fixture type and position, and product display.