ENOVIA Shopper Experience

3DVIA Shopper Overview

3DVIA Shopper is a new and ready-to-use business solution for Brand Manufacturers and Retailers. It enables users to realistically simulate retail settings inside immersive, lifelike 3D environments to better imagine, validate, and deploy optimum shopping experiences.

(1) Improve brand decisions and differentiate from the competition

• Easily create virtual shopping experiences to visualize ideas and see them through the eyes of consumers.

• Use high quality, realistic visualizations to improve decision making and communication with business partners.

• From category structure and brand architecture to packaging impact, you can discuss, optimize and interact with your ideas in 3D, in just a few clicks.

• Explore options more efficiently by eliminating the cost and time required to develop physical mock-ups.

(2) Transform insights into in-store execution

• Maintain respect for the design intent by creating reusable merchandising templates driven by category management decisions.

• Easily adapt results to best meet store-specific requirements including product assortments, space, and furniture.

• Validate and optimize merchandising best practices in accordance with an automated rule checker.

• Generate and print easy to understand merchandising instructions for successful in-store deployment.

(3) Democratize the use of 3D

• Leverage the power of 3D with applications that can be easily used by non-technical users.

• Deploy interactive 3D content through a web browser to connect with end users wherever they are.

• Identify significant time and cost savings with a unique technology that quickly and easily transforms 2D pictures into 3D virtual products.

• More clearly discuss, optimize, and interact with branding and packaging ideas using the universal language of 3D.

(4) Optimize processes end-to-end

• Leverage the powerful ENOVIA V6 platform to integrate merchandizing processes around the shopping experience.

• Quickly adapt and deploy processes using a pre-defined set of business objects.

• Connect packaging, shelf, and store design for efficient commercial operations.

• Improve information sharing and engagement across global and local organizations in real-time through 3D virtual shopping experiences.

  • Easily navigate through virtual stores and interact with products.
  • Globally access virtual stores and related business information.
  • Securely access and distribute related merchandizing information.
  • Leverage the universal language of 3D to better collaborate with stakeholders during the decision making process.
  • Connect employees locally and globally.
  • Store Walkthrough
    Navigate through virtual stores to validate designs and optimize retail potential using the 3DVIA Shopper Experience. While exploring store concepts, users can interact with products with the simple click of a button. This allows them to bring products off the shelf, rotate them full 3D, and zoom in to read the finest details on the product packaging.
  • Navigate on Business Objects
    The 3DVIA Shopper Experience comes with a pre-defined set of business objects: 'assortments' manage lists of products, 'representations' are 2D or 3D objects that can be inserted in virtual stores, and 'gondolas' are 3D planograms of a shelf. 3D stores group several gondolas together , allowing users to easily search and navigate objects that can be grouped by type and by owner.
  • Visual Navigation
    With the potential for thousands of objects in virtual stores, 3DVIA Shopper Experience displays thumbnail pictures of business objects while users navigate through the virtual store. This optimizes the navigation experience while still allowing for easy identification of business objects positioned on shelves.
  • Product Information Display
    A range of information can be attached to the set of pre-defined business objects: dimensions, prices, etc. All this information is available for any product, and presented next to the list of business objects.
  • User Security
    3DVIA Shopper Experience leverages ENOVIA identification mechanisms for all its components. This ensures full protection of information combined with seamless user interaction.
  • User Cockpit
    To further centralize access to merchandizing information, each user is provided with a customized cockpit that only shows access authorized business objects and applications.