CATIA V5-6R liefert Spitzenleistung

Mit diesem Release können Sie auf die Vorteile der Funktionalitäten der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform in nahtloser Zusammenarbeit mit V5-6R zugreifen.


Die Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit in sozialen Netzwerken, das Unternehmensmanagement sowie die Dashboard-Funktionen der 3DEXPERIENCE Plattform können zur Unterstützung von Prozessen mit den V5-6R Werkzeugen eingesetzt werden.

ENOVIA - System & Data Administration (SAN)
To provide easy to use, Java-based Administration of ENOVIA VPM multi-site setup and replication package management.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

ENOVIA System and Data Administration (SAN) provides easy to use, Java-based Administration tools for administering ENOVIA System and Data Administration.

A system administrator may use this product to define the sites and to setup- replication packages that are exchanged on schedule between the sites.

Multisite support is crucial for realizing global virtual product development environment between the OEMs, remote sites, and their development partners. In the closest form of product development partnership, the partners and OEMs operates in a homogenous PLM environment where the partners share the responsibility for developing sections of a product. For instance, an aerospace OEM may own the development of the fuselage, while the partners are developing the landing gear, the engine, etc. Since product definition information is shared among many partners, each subset of product definition is regularly replicated between the OEM and the partners using partial replication capability that is provided by ENOVIA System and Data Administration.

Product Highlights

  • Full data sharing and collaboration among dispersed company locations and distributed team members
  • No compromise on either the pace of work or data integrity
  • Ability to manage large volumes of data transfer (that even today s network bandwidths cannot sustain)
  • Does not rely on a WAN connection between remote sites, do not fear network failure
  • Reliable, up-to-date data
  • Each company site works independently, for quicker turn-around time
  • Local availability of data on LAN increases overall system performance
  • Reduced network traffic relieves potential bottlenecks

Product Key Customer Benefits

ENOVIA s multi-site enhancements provide a robust collaborative environment supporting virtual product development across the enterprise and deep into the value chain. The result is process and IP integration for tighter collaboration throughout the product lifecycle. Sites can now replicate configuration and change management objects to extend design-in-context processes. ENOVIA provides granular packet configuration and prioritization to optimize data transfer between locations. Also new in R15 is site mapping to accommodate minor differences such as local customizations or different database system levels. ENOVIA multi-site also provides a utility to quickly reinitialize the target site in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Partial replication brings to the companies the following benefits:

  • Optimize the amount of data transferred between sites for better performance
  • Security reason: suppliers needs to see only a subset of data
  • Option to make the replication scheduled (e.g. every night)
  • Location of control:
    • OEM can transfer the data ownership to suppliers/remote sites
    • Eliminate concurrent modification of the same object at different sites (only one site could modify a given data at a time)
  • Support of technological relationships enabling full integration of relational design on several sites

Reinforced Supplier and Partner collaborative design in a Multi-Site environment
  • Support of additional Product Structure objects : simplify database schema mapping
  • Replication: Configuration and Change Management support